ADC Recertification

ADC Recertification

Certification and licensure are renewed at the same time using a single application.  This application can be downloaded, below.  THIS IS THE ONLY APPLICATION YOU WILL NEED WHETHER YOU ARE CERTIFIED ONLY OR CERTIFIED AND LICENSED.

All Certified and/or Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors must apply for renewal every 2 years. 
Candidates for recertification are required to provide documentation to the Certification Board that they have completed 40 contact hours of professional education and training during the previous two years.  These 40 hours must include a 6-hour ethics training. Note that these requirements do not apply as stated for a counselor who is initially certified in the 2nd year of the 2-year cycle.  See Special Rules below.

As per the Vermont Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor Licensing Rules which are meant to implement the Provisions of Title 33, Chapter 8 of the Vermont Statutes Annotated (VSA), it is expected and recommended that the applicant seek ongoing clinical support and supervision.
Guidelines and Criteria for Continuing Education Credit

Education/training must consist of a minimum of 40 hours within the last two years. All of the 40 recertification hours may be derived from on-line, distance learning or homestudy courses that have been approved by the IC&RC, an IC&RC member board, NAADAC, or the Vermont Certification Board. 6 of the 40 hours must be an ethics training. Those clock hours must be comprised of the following:

  1. All of the 40 hours for recertification can be derived from distance learning, homestudy, or on-line classes.
  2. In-service hours may be used for a maximum of 15 in-service hours at a 33 1/3 percent credit rate; that is, for every three hours of in-service training, only one hour may be used for credit. In service is defined as the education and training which occurs within the counselor’s agency, for agency staff. The education and training must be specific to the field of alcohol and drug abuse treatment. Training which is non-specific to alcohol and/or drug abuse training may be used but only with a thorough justification as to its relation to the field. One hour of credit is allowed for every 3 hours of in-service training with a limit of 15 hours total for credentialing or recredentialing. Supervision, staff meetings, or case conferences are not deemed eligible for hour credit. Documentation of in-service training will consist of a written statement from the employer stating the number of contact hours attended by the employee.
  3. Teaching hours: Up to 15 of the 40 required hours may be earned while teaching an approved class/training event in which the topic of the class must be specific to the field of alcohol and drug abuse treatment. Teaching which is non-specific to alcohol and/or drug abuse training may be used but only with a thorough justification as to its relation to the field. Credit for teaching is on a 50 percent basis, i.e. one hour of licensing credit for every two hours of teaching.
  4. Only 50% (20 hours) of the total hours of continuing education may be carried over from the last recertification period (if they were not used then) into the current period. Hours which are carried over must have been obtained in the last year of the last recertification period. The Certification Board will not track carryover hours and will not review your file to identify hours you may have previously submitted.  We ask that you submit only 40 hours (but not less than 40.)  You will be notified if your application needs additional hours to be approved.
  5. It is also expected that the applicant will be able to show how on-going clinical support has been achieved.

IC&RC provides the minimum standards for each reciprocal credential, but Member Boards may set higher standards for their credentials.

Special Rules
All certified and licensed substance abuse counselors recertify in the odd year of a 2-year cycle.  The Board protocol for counselors who are initially certified in the 2nd year of the 2-year cycle is as follows:

  • Counselors who were certified on or before July 1st of the second year in the recertification cycle must submit 20 additional hours by 1/31 (their certification’s expiration date) and pay a $135 fee. These 20 hours must have been acquired after their initial certification date. Their recertification date would be 1/31/2015, the same as all other counselors in the cycle. Example: A counselor is initially certified in March 2012.  She needs to send in 20 hours by 1/31/2013 and pay $135.  Her recertification date is 1/31/2015.
  • Counselors who were certified after July 1st of the second year in the recertification cycle do not need to submit any additional hours or pay a fee.  Their recertification date would automatically be 2 years hence.   Example: A counselor is initially certified in August 2012.  Her recertification date is 1/31/2015, and she does not need to submit hours or pay a fee.

Time of Recertification
Time periods are every 2 years in the odd-numbered years.